Há um ano, segmento nem existia no País; segundo o site especializado Bolsa de Ofertas, crescimento em relação a dezembro ultrapassa os 150%.

Show de horror -  piores pontarias…

Tags: Futebol Soccer Video

Bobsled fail !!!

Tags: Bobsled Fail

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG é a “garota propaganda” de Gran Turismo 5

Tags: Playstation 3 Game Trailer Mercedes Benz AMG Grand Turismo 5


Check out the Virtual iPhone Phrase Book in action. It is awesome.

Tags: iPhone Phrase book Funny Cool Mobile


NIKON S1000PJ (via wan4nothing)

Really ???

Tags: Nikon Projector

Tags: Flash mob Doritos Social media PR Slow dance Argentina

Tags: Shopping Augmented reality Innovation Social media Facebook

Keeping Up With Real Time

Tags: Social network Social Media


Swiss Miss.

Yann Tiersen’s iPhone symphony.  Or at least a hasty rendition of one of his Amélie songs.

Tags: iPhone Piano

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